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'Tholi Prema' is an easy-breezy journey, for the romantic millennial generation only. Give it a chance this Saturday night, its big old dose of reality will maybe amuse you. Directed by Venky Atluri, the movie stars Varun Tej and the gorgeous Raashi Khanna.

Aaditya (Varun Tej) is an impetuous individual who makes immediate decisions and is not afraid to speak his thoughts. Varsha (Raashi Khanna) the love of his life is his exact reverse — she chooses not to let her emotions control her actions or words. Can these two distinct entities ever figure out their relationship?

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Tholi Prema (2018) Telugu Movie

Directed by
Produced by
Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna
Production company
Distributed by
Release date
10 February 2018
Running time
137 Minutes
Box office
est. ₹45.1 crore

Tholi Prema (2018) Movie Review

'Tholi Prema' is a present-age millennial romance that reflects on the different cliffhangers the relationship between Aaditya (Varun Tej) and Varsha (Raashi Khanna) takes through different years. There are no specific evil villains who oppose their love and their relationship has no such thing as perfection. Aadi and Varsha are our young people in our everyday lives, struggling to make their relationship work and trying to understand where it all goes awry.

Aadi notices Varsha on a train for the first time right after he finishes high school and is attracted by her look. The duo is spending some time together and it is not long before Varsha even begins to develop feelings for Aadi. Fate has other plans, however, and it is three months before they meet in college again, and this time they have all the time in the world to get to know one another well.

Aadi is impulsive, hot-headed, not afraid of ever speaking his mind, and apparently undaunted by something. On the other hand Varsha is his complete opposite. She scares easily and takes her time to make decisions or even to accept the fact she loves Aadi.

When an argument between the two leads to misconceptions at their campus, Aadi is swift to take his stance, while Varsha is not. Six years later, when they meet again, anything will change this time around and they will be able to look past their differences is all about 'Tholi Prema.'
Her relatable plot is the best aspect of the film.

Gone are times when love was viewed as an unselfish and flawless thing with only an evil entity standing in love between the individuals. While many might call the concept of a tiff of lovers predictable, the fact that the human side of love is focused on 'Tholi Prema' sets it apart.

Contrary to the concept, love is highly flawed and entirely dependent on the individuals who try to make their relationship stay afloat. It also depends on their mindset and just having a love for another person doesn't make a relationship work, that's what the movie emphasizes.

Aadi and Varsha 's story is rational, reflecting on the fact that it is always the individuals who want to make a relationship work, even though love is the emotion that brings them together. Varun Tej and Raashi Khanna are excellent at their roles; they breathe life into them and make them look more than just a few on-screen characters.

Varun Tej drifts away from being a typical candy boy with a poor attitude, by adding to his character something concrete — a rage that is understandable. The character of Raashi Khanna is not your average run-of-the-mill bubbly girl who is always chirpy and can do no wrong. She is as human as any other girl, making mistakes which she later regrets.

As Aadi's mates Ravi and Raju, Priyadarshi and Hyper Adhi get enough screen-time in the second half to show off their acting skills. Naresh and Suhasini are underused, but again, in this tale that is Aadi and Varsha's alone, they don't have anything to do.

SS Thaman 's music blends perfectly with the story, elevating it and bringing the emotions where necessary. Thaman's background music and George C Williams's cinematography are on-point, too. It's only the commercial elements in the film that appear out of place and unnecessary, featuring a few fights and randomly placed sneaky product placements.

The humor always seems needless to this tale while getting in the needed laughs. Fortunately, the film does not make any comparisons to the classic 'Tholi Prema' by Pawan Kalyan and Keerthi Reddy in 1998. 'Tholi Prema' is an easy-breezy journey, for the romantic millennials only.

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