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Drushyam (2014) Telugu Full Movie Download Movierulz PLZ

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2014 Superhit Drushyam by Supriya is a movie that catches your heart, without any deviation, thanks to its screenplay. This movie features in the lead roles of Daggubati Venkatesh, Meena, and Nadhiya. Movie Piracy Network comprising of multiple websites such as Movierulz, Tamilrockers, and many more have leaked this movie for free download and watch by providing torrent download.

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Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie

Directed by
Produced by
Production company
Suresh Productions, Rajkumar Theatres Pvt Ltd, Wide Angle Creations
Release date
11 July 2014
Running time
150 minutes
60 million
Box office
₹400 million

Drushyam (2014) Movie Review

Drushyam is a tribute to the classic cinematic style – scientific in its approach and just hits the right notes to hold the viewer entertained, without a lot of gimmickries. One might argue that the story or the characters themselves in the film are too simple to warrant a closer look. Yet this is exactly where the film triumphs in order to keep the proceedings going.

In addition, in recent times, Drushyam is the closest a writer has ever had while pulling the rug from under our feet right in the middle of all the action. The underlying message becomes apparent towards the middle of the film and that makes the modus operandi of the lead character, a mesmerizing experience, one-handedly. The film begins as an ordinary story about Rambabu (Venkatesh), an ordinary man who is content with his life.

He runs a cable TV service in a village, where almost everyone has a good impression about him except for a police constable, Veerabharam (Ravi Kale). He is alluded to by his doting wife Jyothi (Meena) and daughters Anu (Kruthika) and Anju (Esther). One day, when Jyothi and Anu get into big trouble, his nearly perfect life gets broken and the rest of the story is about how Rambabu takes it upon himself to rescue his son.

A detailed look into the film's underlying message reveals how far people go to keep their loved ones away from trouble, even if that means endorsing their grey side. Innocence takes a backseat and sucks even the younger characters into the whirlpool. And the moment the modus operandi of Rambabu is unveiled, the fact that Jeethu Joseph, who wrote the original Malayalam story, was smart enough to take you for a trip, hit you like a fireball.

It's all done so seamlessly that you might even wonder whether anything you've overlooked all along. No wonder, the film appears like a strange one out in the midst of a deluge of 'entertainers,' leaving no stone unturned to make us laugh. There are no chuckles in Drushyam excluding the content smile that will ultimately remain on your face for watching a sensitive movie.

This does not mean that Drushyam is absolutely flawless. The script is so good that the dull graphics and, at times, the distracting background score are hidden. One would expect a bit of cinematographic ingenuity since the movie is a thriller with a lot of suspense. While the emotion among the family members is, for the most part, genuinely heartfelt, there are times when it appears staged and the feeling of unity only appears in the more melodramatic scenes.

It's definitely one of the best roles that Venkatesh has attempted in a long time and that he holds the movie intact till the end. Meena and Naresh, along with Raghu Kale and Sameer, have done a commendable job. Nadia's stellar performance is another silver lining in the film and she brings plenty of gravitas to her role as a police officer. Drushyam is a great start for director Sri Priya, who is exhibiting great promise in handling some of the tensest scenes in the film.

Let's ignore romantic notions that Drushyam is really a different movie because it is devoid of all the traditional elements that we have been accustomed to over the years. It's a film that catches your interest, without any deviation, thanks to its screenplay. The greatest achievement of the film is that it values our intellect, and confirms the idea that telling stories is not a vanishing craft.

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie Scenes

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam (2014) Telugu Movie - Movierulz PLZ 2020

Drushyam Telugu Full Movie Download Leaked by Movierulz, Filmyzilla, Khatrimaza, Filmywap and Tamilrockers 2020

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