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'Okka Kshanam' tries to glide really hard over the typical Tollywood formula while attempting to narrate a new concept. In the end, however, when the hero saves the day, one can't really help but wonder if this is what director Vi Anand wanted to do.

Jeeva (Allu Sirish) is an engineering graduate with affectionate parents who seem to be fascinated with the retro era. Jo (Surbhi), the girl he fell in love with, lives with the family of her friend. So what happens when their lives tend to overlap with those of a separate couple? That's all about the film.

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Okka Kshanam (2017) Telugu Movie

Directed by
Produced by
Chakri Chigurupati
Allu Sirish, Surbhi, Seerat Kapoor
Edited by
Chota K Prasad
Production company
Release date
28 December 2017
Running time
165 minutes

Okka Kshanam (2017) Telugu Movie Review

Jeeva (Allu Sirish) is your average ordinary man – a graduate of engineering and a mathematics student who is still unemployed, has caring parents who seem to be trapped in the gramophone era, and enjoys playing games on his phone while bored. He falls in love with the girl he's just met in the parking lot, Jo (Surbhi)-an art student with a fractured ankle and geeky glasses.

Jo is a motherless orphan who lives with her pregnant sister, niece, and brother-in-law. Both families are happy with the match and nothing seems to stop a happy-for-life ending for them! Because Jo is actually incapacitated with nothing else to do, though, she is a Hitchcockian Peeping Tom and learns everything about the ins and outs of all the people living in the opposite hers home.

Yet it's the one couple bang that seems to catch her attention in front of her apartment – a freshly married Srinivas (Avasarala) and Swathy (Seerat) who are battling a lot. Since Jo maintains that Srinivas is an oppressive husband, Jeeva tries to find out more about the couple before pointing his fingers to torment Swathy. In the end, he points out that his life and that of Jo seems to mimic the lives of Srinivas and Swathy, down to the very minute details.

What 'Okka Kshanam' is all about, but only on the top, is how he now battles to save their lives from derailing like the other pair.'

'Okka Kshanam' tries to float really hard over the typical Tollywood formula while attempting to narrate a new concept. In the end, however, when the hero saves the day, one can't really help but wonder if this is what director Vi Anand wanted to do. The film's first half takes its time setting the nuances of all the characters in the film and exploring the concept of parallel lives.

Yet Jeeva and Jo's responses to figuring out that their lives mimic someone else's, come off more like a caricature of the sheer terror they 're meant to represent. Post-interval, one expects the film to explore more of a theory of "parallel lives" or offer some explanation for anything that happens other than "science," but nothing like that happens.

Someone also hopes there will be a clearer answer for the cause for a crucial incident in the film, but that doesn't happen either. The plot, in truth, veers more towards cliched crime by the end, far from where the plot began as.

Characters in the film are taken in and chucked out for no reason, like a Professor, who is an authority on the theory of parallel lives. In the film, even the stupid villain faces the same fate. With few songs, this film's BGM is the hero of it all. Taut and engaging, it keeps you on the brink even if the on-screen story doesn't live up to it.

And if we're honest, there seem to be a lot of events in the film that don't make sense, letting one wonder what even happened on screen. Especially since 'Okka Kshanam' seems to be set in a world where forensic science and police investigation are non-existent, given all the references to 'science'

Allu Sirish has done his best from his past outings and appears to have changed. Surabhi is as strong as Jo and performs her role with ease. Surprisingly, it is the stars of 'Okka Kshanam' who are Seerat Kapoor and Srinivas Avasarala; breathing life into their role. Shyam K Naidu's cinematography also deserves note for saving the day. 'Okka Kshanam' should have really been something special with a more focused and crisper plot, free of laggy bits.

Give it a chance if this weekend you 're bored, because it's not totally unattainable either, and merits appreciation just for the attempt. Only leave this one behind your brains at school!

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