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Karthik (Sumanth / Sathwik) and Anjali (Aakanksha Singh / Preethi) are good friends of childhood who fell in love while they were 14. Even though they had an enormous love for each other, circumstances kept them apart many times. As they get older things will change? Will finally its love story have a happy ending?

You'll definitely enjoy this movie directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri if you've experienced love, especially if you are first aware of the wistful pain of falling in love.

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Malli Raava (2017) Movie

Directed by
Produced by
Sumanth, Aakanksha Singh
Music by
Shravan Bharadwaj
Satish Mutyala
Edited by
Satya Giduturi
Release date
8 December 2017
Running time
124 minutes

Malli Raava (2017) Movie Review

Karthik (Sathwik) is a free-spirited, directionless ninth class student whose sole goal in life seems to escalate things with his best friend Dumbo,  everywhere he goes. On a rainy morning, Anjali (Preethi) enters his life in a real filmy style and Karthik falls for her the second he sees her. But situations force them apart until they find themselves being adults again.

Anjali asks Karthik to marry him but, on the day of their wedding, leaves him at the door. The reason why she leaves him at such a moment around forms the crux of the story, if they ever end up together.

Malli Raava is a bittersweet story about how first love always stays unforgettable no matter what in a person's life. Between 1999 – when they were fourteen years old, 2012 – when they meet again and she asks him to marry her and 2017 – the film keeps jumping when she comes back into his life to invite him for her wedding.

A to-and-fro constant is a storytelling option that does not sit well for some audiences, misleading them as to the time period they are in, even if the film is not hard to understand. Technically, with the graphics, storyline, and editing struggling to make a mark, the film seems a little poor.

What appeals in the favor of the movie is its plot, music, casting and the simple and realistic portrayal of love, of course? The soundtrack, composed by Shravan Bharadwaj, is an asset to the film, with at appropriate times the songs flowing into the plot. Song and dance scenes are not filmed in remote locations. And the songs clearly expressed the passion in their minds that two ordinary people had for each other.

Though oh-so-in-love, somehow Karthik and Anjali never manage to connect effectively, making it the bane of their relationship. She doesn't speak it out when she has concerns. He never asks her why she leaves him. And neither does he question her every time she returns to his life; it is only Dumbo who manages to do that in some way.

Karthik, Anjali, and Dumbo's features are perfectly sketched out. Karthik is the fool in love who wishes nothing more in life than the company of Anjali and Dumbo. Anjali is the apprehensive girl from a fractured home who finds it difficult to commit despite having a heart full of love for Karthik. Dumbo is the best friend you might ask for, offering a hand in time of need, and asking the difficult questions nobody wants to ask; for fear of having answers, they may not want.

Also, there's Karthik's manager's comic character and a few others, who do a decent job in their jobs. They still get ample screen-time just for the sake of it, they 're not in the video. These characters only seem to make an audience anxious to get back to the story of Karthik and Anjali, despite their scenes garnering enough laughs. In her role as Bahama, Dumbo's grandmother, Annapurna is stunning, who seems to have a love-hate relationship with Karthik and worries for him as if he were her own.

Sumanth and Aakanksha are splendid in their Karthik and Anjali roles. But Sathwik and Preethi who seem to breathe some life into the characters almost override them. All four leads get screen time nearly identical, and Sathwik and Preethi deliver brilliant results. There are several dialogs in the film that will resonate well with the viewer, regardless of their simplicity in particular.

In a matter-of-fact tone, when a young Karthik is asked about his love for Anjali, he says, "Cricket ante ishtam, Dumbo ante ishtam, alage Anjali ante ishtam." (I like Anjali just like cricket and Dumbo). That dialog seems to sum up his character as well as the film, both.

Witness this one if you've ever been in love, especially if you are first aware of the melancholy pain of falling in love. And if you are looking for a happy-go-lucky feel-good movie, then give it a miss.

Malli Raava (2017) Telugu Movie Scenes

Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie | Movierulz Plz

Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie | Movierulz Plz

Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie | Movierulz Plz

Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie | Movierulz Plz

Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie | Movierulz Plz

Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie | Movierulz Plz

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